Why Film in Kentucky?

Film Production Locations, Great Incentives and More

Why film in Kentucky? Fair question. The answer is VERSATILITY. Here are the top 5 examples:

Versatile service- If you need something quickly, we will bend over backwards – or do back flips – to help you. We'll answer questions, break through red tape, find the right contact, help with film location scouting, locate the right people, locate the best caterer, and solve whatever issue you experience. We have an “unbridled spirit” when it comes to meeting your needs.

Versatile film production locations- Finding filming locations is a snap here in Kentucky. Need an old country church for that special scene? We have it. Want a river shot? We have it. Want a flat – or mountainous landscape? Yep, it’s here.
Need to shoot in the city? We can make it happen. We can even take you into caves!
Sure, we have horse farms and racetracks, but we have so much more. Plus, we are within an hour’s plane ride to 2/3 of the U.S population. Need help finding filming locations that suit your needs? You can check out some of our film production locations using ReelScout.

Versatile people – We have highly trained crew, production facilities and help ready on stand-by to assist you. Search for your crew and equipment needs here.

Versatile Incentives – If you are bringing a crew to Kentucky and spending money while you’re here, we want you to be able to get the most for your investment. That’s why we have an aggressive package of tax incentives for film production aimed at making your Kentucky stay more profitable. Check those out here.

Versatile weather – We can offer you hot and cold, sunshine, rain, wind and snow… and sometimes all on the same day! Here’s an example of our average monthly temperatures.

Kentucky Climate

Kentucky climate, based on a statewide 35 year average.

Month Daily Max Temp Daily Min Temp Mean No. Days
w/ Precip. of .01
Mean Precip (in.) Mean Snowfall (in.)
Jan 44.6 25.4 11 3.95 3.9
Feb 47.8 27 10 3.6 3.6
Mar 56.6 33.2 12 4.65 2.6
Apr 68.9 44.6 11 4.14 0.0
May 77.3 53.3 11 4.26 0.0
June 84.4 61.6 10 4.28 0.0
July 86.9 65.3 11 4.73 0.0
Aug 86.4 63.8 8 3.45 0.0
Sep 80.8 57.3 8 3.15 0.0
Oct 70.8 45.6 7 2.33 0.0
Nov 56.9 35.1 10 3.68 0.7
Dec 47.2 28.3 11 3.68 2.1

Need more reasons or want to hear more about Kentucky film production locations? Contact us directly at Kentucky.FilmOffice@ky.gov or 800-345-6591. Capital Plaza Tower, Suite 2200, 500 Mero Street, Frankfort, KY 40601