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August 06, 2018 | Email

Kentucky Film Office

ALERT: Please be advised, many within the KY film community have been contacted via email or text regarding a company called “Story Asia Productions”. If you have received such an email or text, please know this is a scam and should be disregarded. The KY Film Office has NO affiliation with this organization in any manner. The text of their response email reads like this:


Your profile was received and carefully reviewed. You did great. The role is that of a multi costume position of a movie extra, you will be appearing in eight scenes.

I am a production manager and also a recruitment personnel for Just Media Inc., a Hong Kong-based film production company presently in the USA to accomplish series of short movie production this summer. Project "dark sound" is the project you will be working on, it's a short movie in series. You can go through my LinkedIn profile below.

Production Date:
The Production will take place in your area from 24th to 28th of August.

Production Location:
Locations will be stipulated by the location manager before the production commences.

Essential Responsibilities:
1) Movie Extra 2) Booking of production costumes within your locality.

Your wage for the 5days period will be $1,050. I'm sure this all works for you.

If you want to sign up for this, kindly provide the details below :
Full Name;
Mailing Address;
State and Zip Code :
Mobile Phone Number:
Best time to reach you :

Once I receive your information, further production details will be forwarded to you including employee detail form and the movie script. Once your application is approved you will be furnished with funds to purchase the costumes. I will take all necessary steps and have my financial advisor have your payment mailed to you to proceed with all necessary costume booking and production engagements. This is because we want the costumes to be your exact size, not oversized or undersized but your exact fit. Details of the costumes will be sent to you later if you indicate interest. I await your swift response. Thanks

Best Regards"