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August 26, 2016 | LEX 18

Film Industry Boom In The Bluegrass

Film companies are flocking to Kentucky to shoot movies and the Commonwealth has been fostering a program with film makers that benefit both production companies and the local economy.

“What Lies Ahead” in Nelson is just one of five films being shot in Kentucky right now.

“Three of those are going to be wrapping this week. We have another four that are coming on line within the next couple of months,” said Deputy Commissioner of Travel and Tourism Jay Hall.

Between 2009 and 2015, only eleven films were shot in the Bluegrass. So far in 2016, 12 films were shot in Kentucky.

“We want to grow jobs in Kentucky. That's the point of this program,” said Hall.

He says that the spike of film production is thanks to an increased tax credit the state is now offering filmmakers.

“Their purchases have to be made in Kentucky. If they need hinges, nails, wood, to build a set, they have to buy those from a hardware store in Kentucky,” said Hall.

The films have drawn some big names to the Bluegrass, including Nicholas Cage, Selma Blair, Alexandria Shipp and Brianna Hildabrand.

Hall believes that Kentucky’s role in the film industry will grow.

“This is an opportunity to keep our best and brightest here in Kentucky. And, a lot of those folks coming back because they see the film industry taking an interest in Kentucky,” said Hall.

Hall said he cannot get into specifics about films set to be shot in Kentucky next year.